Just thought this would be fun, like the favorites section of the high school yearbook. This is not intended to make fun of anyone, nor is it meant to be slanted toward anyone, and I know that most of mine have the same answer. I found this on Facebook and thought it would be fun to bring here, skating style. So here it goes (with my answers- and again, I know must of these have the same answer - didn't realize it would be like that):

Best smile: Evan
Best hair: Evan
Best eyes: Evan
Best body: Evan
Most naturally talented: Asada
Funniest: Ben
Nicest: Evan and Tanith (tie)
Best costumes: Sasha
Best music choices: Davis/ White or Belbin/ Agosto
Hardest worker: Evan
One you'd most like to have dinner with: Evan
One you'd most like to date: Evan