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Thread: Hochstein's 'dream season' inspires lofty goals

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    News Hochstein's 'dream season' inspires lofty goals

    Hochstein might be considered one of the surprises of the 2009-10 season, qualifying for the Junior Grand Prix Final and following that up with being selected to represent the United States ... [More]

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    Good for him. His goals are very ambitious, but I respect that. Making the world team is going to be a challenge, but if he skates the way he did this year with a triple axel, I wouldn't say its impossible. As far as I know, however, none of the top US men are retiring. Lysacek, Abbott, and Weir are all still in the mix, as well as Rippon. Bradley is still a viable contender and I think Mroz could be up there too. After all he was 2nd a year ago, ahead of Lysacek. Grant has his work cut out for him but I think he can do it!

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    I don't believe Lysacek is going to continue to compete! Weir is a huge question mark too. Abbott and Rippon are looking at being the US best men; without Lysacek and Weir there is a third spot up for grabs. But still lots of competition (Bradley (is he definitely retiring?), Mroz, Carrierre...). Hochstein sounds like a skater who is passionate about what he does and hopefully that'll pay off.

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    I can see him doing well. I think Lysacek, Weir and Bradley will retire for sure. If Abbott sticks around (which I think he will as he hasn't hit his international peak yet), I think he'll take a third title, with Rippon second and Mroz third, but I can see Hochstein skating in the final group at Nats. It's too early to know though, and we don't know for sure who's retiring (personally, I love all the US men and don't want to see any of them go).

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