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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB-hmQY1Hp0 <- her juniors performance. Surprised she fell two times, maybe she is expercining pubetry atm? I'm not sure but the jumps here look very forced and small compared to 2009
She has been a bit inconsistent the whole season, but maybe she was experiencing growing pains, or injury, or just the end of the season fatigue at this event. The two Polinas and Anna beat her at this event, and Polina Shelepen and Anna managed to do that despite poor SPs. I guess where she was not age eligible for Jr Worlds this year she maybe wasn't taking it too seriously? Sotnikova also bombed at the Junior Nationals, falling 4 times in the FS and finishing 6th, though her struggles this season I think are definitely puberty related, as she looks much taller than last season. Interesting though that Anna appears to have grown a lot this season as well and yet has improved as the season progressed regardless (watching her at JGP Budapest, I never would have thought she would win the SP at Junior Worlds and win the silver medal at Russian Juniors, but she rose to the challenge). Liza doesn't appear to have hit puberty yet so idk why she struggled at some events, maybe nerves? Nevertheless, she is rediculously talented.