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Thread: McLaughlin and Brubaker--The Plan of Attack

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    McLaughlin and Brubaker--The Plan of Attack

    Can Keauna and Rockne come back next season and get their title back? make the world team? become international contenders. Their confidence is shot and they are suffering from triple salchow syndorome just like Dube and Davidson. Difference is that Dube and Davidson usually manage to skate clean other than the salchow where Keauna and Rockne let the mistake get to them. Keauna has grown quite the woman's body and is not that short either (for a girl in pairs) so I wonder if completing the pair elements easily is a challenge for them.

    I really love this pair, they have great chemistry, speed, beautiful lines and are certainly more artistic than Denny and Barrett at this point. I feel like John Nicks is the man who could give them another chance, but if last year was an indication, maybe the chemistry there is not meshing.

    Anyway, I feel they should do the following:

    Keep "Uncahined Melody" for the SP. Beautiful program and it will give them time to focus on other things.

    Hire Lee-Ann Miller to do another fantasic Freeskate for them.

    LOSE THE TRIPLE SALCHOWS. She is not going to land it clean, it is not worth the tenths of a point base value compared to triple toes.

    Double train the programs. I though Mr. Nicks was famous for this but they (esp. her) looked winded in the second half of the program even as late in the season as the 4CC.

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    I agree with the keeping of their SP and losing the triple salchows. But even Nicks couldn't quite fix another headcase though so I'm not quite sure how much he can help McLaughlin land her jumps/throws.

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