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True true, but I mean Mao's 3a is sicknasty.
OK, I am assuming that "sicknasty" is a good thing?

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In the future, if both girls continue to compete, of course it could change and Mao could overtake Yuna. Do I think that will happen? No. But, if Mao gets her 3lz and 3sal back and picks better programs, then could it happen? Absolutely.
I think the triple Lutz is the key. Her programs are fine, and she can count (as can Kim) on uniformly high program component marks across the board, etc.

But a lady with a triple Axel and no triple Lutz is like a man with a quad but no triple Axel. You give back most of the advantage that the higher-level jump brings.

For instance, if Mao does 3A and 3A+2T = 16.9 points, and Kim counters with 3Lz and 3Lz+4T = 16.0 points (plus GOE), then Kim is just as sicknasty as Asada, and the triple Axel advantage has disappeared altogether.

The ISU just killed Asada when they changed the rule to penalize flutzes. By trying to fix the flutz, Asada lost the jump entirely.