I was wondering if anyone's heard- when will the schedule for 2011 Nats be released?

I'm thinking that if lots of my favorite skaters don't retire (most are possibly retiring, but it's too early to tell) I'll go to Greensboro. Now that I'm in college and can travel by myself (and don't totally depend on my parents anymore) I think I might actually get to go this time. I've been wanting to go to a competition forever, but they're so expensive. The Nats were in Cleveland in 2009, so I went, but it would be cool to travel to a competition.

So, even though it's pretty far away, I've already started looking at hotels, flights, etc. in Greensboro. The schedule isn't up yet and I can't afford to go for the whole week, so I'll wait until the schedule's up to decide when to go, but I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about who's retiring or when the schedule will be released.