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Thread: Skaters dissed on Joan of Arcadia

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    You guys are making way too much out of a simple comment. The whole line was stupid. But insert anything (cheerleader, toll collector, aviator, swimmer, mailman, etc) as a non-economics expert, and it is just as unfair. A brain surgeon is no more able to discuss economics than a figure skater. All these posts about skaters who have degrees is hysterical! Since when does having a college degree equate to an understaning of the economy? I know people with doctorate degrees who can not tell you anything about economic affairs. And I can show you an people who never got beyond highschool that are far more versed because they avidly read newspapers and follow the news.

    It's one thing to disagree with a comment. But to write off a show because of that one random comment is just silly! If you like the show, then who cares?

    I mean no disrespect to those of you that were offended. I just personally would rather devote my e-mail efforts to my local legislators on laws that can affect change.

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    Oh, I am not writing off the show completely but I do feel like giving feedback can be very valuable, if they pay attention to it. I enjoy the show a great deal but I don't appreciate the comment and no matter how they would have termed it, I think it would have bothered me anyway because it insinuates that a particular group of people are stupid (forget that it was figure skaters and insert any other group and it still does the same basic thing). That's what I don't like but I am not writing off the show at all. If I wrote off all shows for making a comment that I didn't agree with, then I would probably watch a lot less TV!! LOL

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    Weren't Kwan and Hughes both near straight-A students through school also?

    Tonia Kwiatkowski, university grad.

    Alexei Yagudin, university grad.

    I'm thinking Ryan Jahnke too...


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    Oh, come on Sandy, where's your sense of whimsy?

    But if you must get serious, here's something that I think really does merit rebuttal. On the same episode the priest with whom Joan's mother is carrying on a flirtatious relationship was asked "would God ever tell you to do something wrong?" with the follow-up question: "Well, what about the Inquisition?"

    The priest shrugged it off with, "That was a failure of imagination."

    No, Father, that was the work of the Devil. In the Inquisition the Church authorities undertook to weed out and expose "heretics," by which they meant secret Jews. They set children to spy on their playmates to see if any were circumcised. If a person was openly Jewish, and had lived as a practicing Jew all of his life, then they just confiscated everything he owned and kicked him out of the country.

    But if you were accused of being a secret Jew, then you were tortured until you confessed, after which you were killed, all you property was confiscated, and your family was expelled from the country.

    I hope I am not giving the impression that I don't like this show, LOL. I do. It is my favorite show of the season. It raises questions about faith in a manner that is not too oppressively ponderous. I hope that young people will be inspired to discuss these questions with their parents.

    I hope they have Michelle on as a guest star!


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    Come ON, people! It's just a comment. A one line SMALL diss to skaters on the show. Leave it alone and get on with life. Maybe they just picked figure skaters for the sake of PICKING something. Just leave it be.

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    Isn't Delmore an accomplished pianist as well?

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    IIRC Debi Thomas went to medical school at Northwestern University.

    I think the dig at figure skating was fairly innocuous, but as a whole, I'm getting sick and tired of the media lumping figure skating into the category of entertainment as opposed to sports. It would be nice to see skating in the mainstream media portrayed in a positive light instead of focusing on the negative and the gossipy aspects of it!!!

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