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I strongly disagree. Ando won both her GP events this season and won silver at the GPF. Joannie won 3rd and 1st at her GP events but the 1st was only because of hometown bonus and a splatfest event. She came in 5th at the GPF and would have lost the event behind Leonova if it weren't for her PCS. I know Miki was 5th in Vancouver and 4th at Worlds, but that's hardly something to poo-poo. She consistently makes the GPF and places well. Joannie is very inconsistent and while at her best she may be better than Ando, I think saying Ando is not competitive is unfair. The NBC commentators said she or Mao would be most likely to overtake Yuna at the Olympics should Yuna make mistakes.
If you point out Rochette's hometown bonus, why not point out Ando's hometown bonus at NHK? She was decimated on the TES by Leonova, and won on the strength of her PCS. She won silver at GPF on the strength of her PCS. Rochette's beat Ando in their head to head competitions all but once these past two seasons.