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Thread: If you could meet any skater and ask any question, who/what would it be?

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    If you could meet any skater and ask any question, who/what would it be?

    I actually thought of this regarding Vlad's nice interview with Rachel Flatt... but I can't make up my mind. It doesn't have to be totally serious and I hope we can have some fun without people criticizing other's choices or questions and must we be always PC? Inquiring minds want to know. Be nice to fellow posters please.

    I think I'd like to have dinner with Alexei Yagudin. He used to be on the internet and was good about answering pms. When I heard he was going to use "Requiem" for his short program, I explained that might not be a good choice of music, too heavy, too serious. I recall he politely said thank you but he had people who advised him. Somehow this was scrapped and his SP program was changed to "Winter." It is prolly the most memorable men's SP and I loved it totally. It was brilliant.

    I haven't met many big name skaters and would love to know if he remembers me writing to him why he should get different music for Salt Lake Oly. I guess others thought it would be a downer/dirge type SP, too as somehow they scrapped it, thankfully. Wish Tarasova had scrapped Mao's "Bells" but that's another story.
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