I wish someone would ask Michelle what possessed her to leave Frank Carroll just before the 2002 Olympics. She practically had the victory in her hands! If she'd remained with him, I'm sure she would have stayed upright on her blades through that lamentable jump--the one where I lost my heart somewhere on the floor after it leaped out of my mouth--and she would have won the OGM. But she's a lady, and I doubt she would ever say why she left except in vague terms. In any case, I doubt I'd be rude enough to ask. If I met her, I'd just burble and babble, I'm sure.

I actually think I'd like to meet Lori Nichol. It isn't just the choreography; it's her music choices. Of all the skating community, she's the one I'd most like to talk music-dork talk with. I'd probably end up pressing a list of my suggested music pieces on her and being embarrassed forever after, but it would be worth it!

Though I adore Kurt, I'm likely to faint if I ever meet him. He also seems rather guarded in the way he speaks about things. On the other hand, Paul Wylie seems like someone who would have a lot of interesting stories and observations, and he'd probably have great reminiscences of the golden tour years of Stars on Ice.

And I'd like to meet Yuka. She seems both nice and articulate, and I'd love to hear her view of the skating life.