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Sorry, still fail to see 100% of your reason. FS is a sport, there will be injuries, skaters have to decide for themselves the price they are willing to pay. If 3a is such a risk then the reward shuld be higher, and that ties back to MM's original post should they inc the base value of 3a. Mao said she will try to bring back 3/3 does not mean she will be able to. Not sure whether she will be bringing back 3t or 3l as the second jump. She has higher success rate of not being DG with her 3f/3t. OTOH 3f/3l has higher base value, again higher risk higher reward.
1). I'm not 100% certain Mao can bring back her 3-3, but IF she can and still do the 3A, then certainly, that would amp up the contest (and if she gets better choreo).

2). And I fail to understand your blindness to it. Yes, there's always the possibility of injury; but if there is such a thing as limits. And pushing oneself too hard. I don't think that the 3A value should be increased because it already is quite substantial; it's already, as Mathman stated, 2.2 points higher than the triple lutz. Furthermore, like I stated BEFORE, these are competitors who want to win. And for a competitor, that desire to win can easily translate into over-extention. You're placing too much faith in human reason and logic; people oftentimes don't know their own limits. And even if they do, considering how our media goes on about how "limits are made to be pushed/broken," and their competitve streak, I have a feeling that they would continue practicing, in which they run the risk of incurring a serious injury that could possibly end their skating careers. I mean, Yu-na for example; back in 2006, she was overtraining herself, doing jump after jump even if she fell multiple times. Was she pushing the limit? Yes. Was it healthy? Helluva no.

Plus, you fail to address the fact that harder does not always necessarily equate better. Look at the Men's Long at the Olympics; so many splats from men who were doing things they couldn't handle, such as quads. Plus, we do not need people to start taking on the attitude that 3A= winner.