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I think there is a constant by-play between: "This is the best skater. Therefore we will give her the most points."

And: "This skater earned the most points. Therefore we will crown her the best skater."

I really do not see how it could be otherwise in a judged sport, no matter what the scoring system.
Think of Patrick Chan with a clean program (two 3A's but no quad) and who would beat him under the current system? Possibly a clean Dai or Jeremy both with quads, but who else?

Patrick is skating for the system and scores points like crazy. Some fans may prefer Johnny or Joubert - but I am not sure if their best performance could beat Patrick's best performance.

When asked last summer who he worried about the most at the Olympics Evan mentioned Patrick. He said many could win or make the podium but I remember if was not Plushy Dai or Joubert Evan singled out. It was Patrick.

If Patrick did skate his best program and won by scoring the most points many fans would still think Plushy, Dai, Jeremy, or others are better skaters. Would they be right? Or would the system be right?

As it stands, Evan is the Olympic champion - and I know many fans don't consider him the best skater.