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Thread: Voronov, Borodulin and Macypura

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    Voronov, Borodulin and Macypura

    A few questions about the above three:

    1. How come Sergei Voronov didn't go to the Olympics? Didn't he place 2nd in the Russian Nationals?

    2. Why did Artem Borodulin withdraw from Worlds this year? Did he actually get to Turin and WD after the short or not perform at all?

    3. Why wasn't Igor Macypura at worlds?

    Thanks for any info

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    Voronov wasn't at the Olympics because of his catastrophic performance at 2010's Euros. Russian Fed has sent Borodulin instead of Voronov.

    Borodulin has broken his blade during the short program at 2010 World's. So he has no other choice to withdraw.

    I think Macypura is retired. He's listed as coach of some other skaters (on ISU biographies). He just made the Skate America this season, with a poor 12th place and 144 points. And Slovak federation prefered Peter Reitmayer for the olympic qualification in the Nebelhorn (but Reitmayer finished 21st at the Nebelhorn, with 144 points too).

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    Macypura lost the internal test for Nebelhorn to Reitmayer, I think I've posted the results somewhere on this board. Then he started only at Skate America and did not come to either Nepela Memorial or Nationals. Nepela Memorial was a week before Skate America, so it really made no sence to travel to Slovakia and then back to USA. In time for nationals, he was injured I think. Since Reitmayer won Nationals he went to Europeans and Worlds.

    As for his current status, I don't know if he's still competing or not. There have been changes in the leadership of Slovak Figure Skating Asociation and from what I've read in various articles, they are not so supportive to Igor as the previous leadership was.

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    Problems with Voronov started at Russian nationals when he finished fourth in the free skate. He did not skate up to silver.

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