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Thread: I just read Miki's book and that of Morosov at a book store

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    I just read Miki's book and that of Morosov at a book store

    Both were easy reading and pretty interesting.

    My favorite episodes:

    - Miki and Takahiko Kozuka grew up in Nagoya. Takahiko's parents who were skating coaches decided to send these skaters to Mrs. & Mr. Sato's based near Tokyo every weekend using the bullet train. At Mrs. and Mr. Sato's, they practiced basic skating skills and figures, whereas Ms. Yuko Monna (who taught both Mao and Miki) focused a lot more on jumps.

    - Miki and Takahiko practiced 3A and quad together and gave advice to each other practicing jumps.

    - Caro, Rochette, and Miki are good friends.

    - Miki sometimes likes speaking in English better than in Japanese (me, too!) because I thought she said she could speak more freely.

    - Miki calls Nobunari "Naru-chan" and they share the bitter memories of the bashing both had experienced.

    - When Dai was overthinking before the comp, Morosov would try to take his mind off from the obsessive thinking by telling him that they forgot to bring his music CD or that he should do every jump five times in row.

    - Morosov seems to observe and analyze the skater very well. When he created his masterpiece, the hiphop Swan Lake, he thought of trying hiphop first. But then when he had Dai learn dancing hiphop, he found Dai too soft and gentle to do the real hiphop. That's how the idea of Swan Lake hiphop came in: the swan is soft and gentle.

    - Morosov changed the SP music of shizuka. Paganini was too fast for Shizuka who moved softly and the timing of the first jump did not go well with Shizuka's own timing.

    - Morosov thinks that Miki is sensitive, weird/odd, and has a lot of emotional ups and downs, even though the Japanese may value mellow maturity in women. But he thinks these qualities of hers positively and thinks that she has a rich emotional life and is artistic. Dealing with Miki's emotions seems to have been a lot of work . He found that Miki needed to cry before the comp to really do well (I read something similar in Jenny Kirk's blog).

    "Kiss and Cry" by Morosov and "空に向かって (Towards the sky)" by Miki Ando
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