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Thread: Dry Socket - Help!!!!

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    Dry Socket - Help!!!!

    The pain is unreal. I had a tooth extracted about a week and a half ago and now I am experiencing dry socket. I went to the dentist today and he says it is definitely dry socket. He treated the area, but I am still in pain. I hear it can last up to six weeks. I have been draging myself into work everyday. I take tylenol and I am on an antibiotic. The tylenol (extra strength) does not seem to last very long. Anyone here ever experience dry socket before? How did you cope?

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    Ladskater, I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I had dry socket a few years ago after I had a wisdom tooth out at the dentists. I expected some pain but when it was getting worse after 3 days I decided to go back to the dentist. We were due to go on a vacation and I didn't want to have to cancel or need treatment while I was away.
    I ended up needing 2 courses of antibiotics, it sarted getting better the following week. I'm fortunate that I had booked some annual leave as I feel the rest was good for me and helped me recover.
    I hope you feel better soon.

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    Sorry to hear about your pain Lad. I've heard this works, you might research.

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