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Heck she's prompting economic impact in other parts of the world too. By having skaters like Kiira Korpi skate in her shows, she's funding their training expenses and therefore the money from Korea ends up in Korpi's ice rink coffers, the pockets of her coach and choreographers.

Yuna's revenue, spurred from commercials, appearances and winning competitions, is said to be about $7-$9 million. Once she pays for her expenses and the sponsor ship of junior skaters her net worth is still probably a few million.
Say Kiira got 2k for her apperance, Kiira spent about 1k on coaching, boots, ice rink coffers, choreographers. Kiira also spent $200 on food, $200 on gifts, $600 on makeup.
Then Kiira's coach spent $500 on a new dining table because the old one is falling apart. The local furniture store then used that to hire 2 high school students trying to make a few bucks to get ready for prom. Then the students bought a dress, a pair of shoes, corsage for $400. Add a few more stops here and there, the 2000 can balloon up to 200k. So take that number with a grain of salt.

Total number: 2000 + 200 + 200 + 600 + 500 + 500 + 400 = 4400.
Actual money: 2000.