I came across two clips back in the 2001-2002 Olympic season where the performance were surprisingly comparable as far as the requirements and standards are concerned compared to the Ice Dance we know today in 2010. Both were historical performance of their time.

First: The Flamenco / Latin Combination by Anissina/Peizerat


The obvious question I'd like to ask, do you like Anissina/Peizerat's Flamenco better or this year's Olympic and World winning OD? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuUm5n0gySQ

Second: Michael Jackson Free Dance by Bourne/Kraatz


Bourne/Kraatz were the first team to break the European grip in Ice Dance and this skate marked the dramatic turnaround in their career and eventually led up to the IJS as we know today. This Free Dance contained surprisingly many comparable elements based on the 2010 standards, including sync. twizzles. They certainly paved the way for B/A, D/W, D/L and V/M. How would you rate this skate against the two best FD in 2010?



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