I'm wondering if Lady Gaga will have an influence on FS programs? She took World by storm with her burlesque style. I'm talking especially about costumes, make-up and hair-do. Costumes in FS are already bizzare, I'm wondering if the bizzare fashion of Gaga will be copied by figure skaters next season?
Johnny Weir - the skater that gives most attention to fashion - already was inspired by Lady Gaga.
I think burlesque could be suitable to FS (not that nobody did it that before!), because her innovative style is still suitable with classical music (especially baroque).

Not only she could be inspirational to costumes and make-up, but also in choreography and movements.

In the past FS programs and skaters were influenced by popular fashion and tendencies - Madonna, 80s hair-do and make up, 90s ethnical programs, techno style etc. - and especially by movies (Moulin Rouge and tango mania, Pirates of the Carribean). However the 00s hip hop and rap tendencies didn't have a very big influence with some exceptions.