This subject came up sort of tangentially on the Samuelson/Bates thread , so I wondered if anyone wanted to kick it around a bit? This could be one nail-biter of a season.

Tessa and Scott will of course be a shoo-in for No.1..but after that..?

Crone / Poirier are by no means safely ahead of Weaver /Poje. Ralph / Hill may have been fatally passed by Hann-McCurdy / Correno at 4CC. There could be other players too...and although Paul / Islam are probably staying at the Junior level , everyone knows they're coming

Whoooeee! Storm's a-brewin'...

Plus , dare I mention skating politics ? Are we sure that C/P fully deserved to be placed above W/P the last couple of years , or that R/H deserved to stay ahead of HM/C in 2010?

What do these couples need to be doing to improve or protect their placements ? ( I have some ideas , but my two typing fingers are starting to hurt, so someone else go first, if you like.)