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Song Nan's a great choice. His 3A is gorgeous. Amodio, another great one. So much personality. Good skating skills as well. Hanyu is definitely another one to look out for.
What about Artur Gachinski, you guys? His jumps have gone awry these last two years, but he seems to be getting himself together. I remember that the Russians were very excited and already crowning him "the one" to succeed the Russian skating dynasty of Petrenko to Plushenko when he was only 10. His Russian Nat performance wasn't too shabby. His jumping technique looks fine. Once his conquers his growth spurt, what are his chances?
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It's all about growth spurt. It was hard for him to be consistant when he became taller and taller every year and almost imossible to fix his jumps when his height changes. But now, when he almost grown, I think Mishin will work with him on his jumps and fix it, his technique is already good, he just needs some help. He is very talanted but still too young, I think we should see him next season and then talk about his chances
Gachinski is the world junior bronze medalist. He landed a lot of jumps there. He turned his quad attempt to a double but that was it when it came to jump problems.