I don't have a problem with the new rules except the "all or nothing" clause for spirals in the LP. I feel this requirement is a bit severe.
As I understand the proposal, it's approximately level 1 or nothing.

In order to get no credit at all, the skater would have to perform less than is currently required for level 1 in a long program.

So there's no reason to object on the grounds that skaters with good spirals would get no credit. That's not likely to happen. Even Yu-Na Kim's disastrous spiral sequence from this year's Worlds SP would qualify for the base mark.

What could be a problem is that large differences in quality won't be reflected with large differences in scores. E.g., in the 2010 Worlds SP, Kim's spiral sequence got the lowest scores of any of the ladies who qualified for the LP, more than a point and a half below the next-lowest skaters' except for that of Akiko Suzuki, who also struggled with that element, and almost 4 full points below those of Asada and Kostner, who earned the highest marks for that element. That difference consisted of the difference in base mark between level 1 and level 4 plus the difference in GOEs between mostly -2s and mostly +2s.

If everyone gets the same base mark, then the only distinctions in the scores for the element will be in the GOEs. So I would hope that they'll use the larger GOE increments currently used for the level 4 spiral sequences, and that judges will take into account the difficulty of what the skaters include in the element as well as the quality.

Of course, now that difficulty can be whatever the skater is good at, not whatever fits most clearly and reliably into the specified level features.

And the skaters will have the freedom to show more creativity and uniqueness in this element. They'll be able to design their spiral sequences better to fit the musical structure and program theme instead of designing them to earn the highest level.

I hope that judges would take those qualities into account when awarding the GOE, and that the spirals will contribute more positively to the PCS, especially Choreography.

Plus the fans won't have to watch every skater do the same three or four variations that are easiest to earn levels with over and over again and never get to see other variations that don't count as features or are too hard to consistently execute well enough to count.

From the point of view of fairly scoring differences in difficulty, I don't love this proposal.

But from the point of view of spirals being used to enhance the program as a whole rather than just for points, I think it could be positive.