I just don't think Johnny has any right to infer anything about Evan's sexuality when he refuses to allow anything to be inferred about his own. He should give Evan the same courtesy he demands. It's just classless. I've never seen Evan be a whiner. I've never seen Johnny be one, but the SOI debacle was based on an OPINION by his agent; not an SOI statement. I love Johnny(I love Evan,too) but Johnny goes too far sometimes. I think HE is the one who is preoccupied with Evan. Watch "Be good, JW"- before any competition...it's all about: "I'm competing against EVAN" or "At least I don't have to see EVAN". It gets old. I like funny, snarky Johnny. I dislike bitchy-diva Johnny. Johnny's great, amazing, unique- but I've come to the conclusion that he REALLY doesn't listen to anyone.