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Thread: Who Will Be Mao's New Coaches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtureck View Post
    Koz's dad is an advisor, not exactly a coach? Who is Yamada's star pupil nowadays. Is Midori working or assisting her in coaching at all. NOw I think Yamada/ Ito can be a posible team.
    I do not know. Koz's dad wrote a newspaper article and it was copied and pasted on this board. In that newspaper, he put a signature, advisor at that Univ.

    But I did see a clip in which he was coaching his son prior to Oly. I read in Miki's book that Koz's parents taught Koz in Nagoya and they went to Mrs. and Mr. Sato's near Tokyo every weekend (they brought young Miki to Mrs. & Mr. Sato's, too).

    The story about Yamada and Midori is not a confirmed piece of info. But I just heard it elsewhere. And Yamada did say in a clip prior to Oly that she was in a situation where she was often seeing Mao practice and talking with her (but she did not sound like she was involved as a coach). On the other hand, Yamada has her own club in another rink. Her star student in Kanako Murakami.

    I highly doubt if Yamada still wants to coach Mao again for four more years. It'd be really a lot of work to have a super star student like Mao. She could not always travel abroad with Mao even at that time.

    I do not know if Midori coaches. I recall her coming back as a pro skater around 40 yrs old and trying 2A.
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