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    Thumbs up 10,000th Post Party!!!!

    Hi everyone, come on in and have a drink and some hors d'oeuvres and party.

    I can’t believe that I’ve posted that much. I am normally a very quiet person. I started posting on Golden Skate after the 2002 Olympics when my Alexei won the gold medal. I remember being welcomed by many but the one that stood out for me was Joesitz… he said his name reminded him of a sitz bath (I’ll leave that up to you to look up). Joe had also mentioned that he was having knee surgery.

    I have met so many wonderful people on the board. Some have changed their name like our wonderful Ms Toni….when I started here…..Toni was HamiltonBrowningFan. The wonderful Mathman was more talkative in those days. Rgirl used to write pages and another poster named Fetal Attraction kept things stirred up.

    I remember the board getting into trouble for posting photos and using up bandwith and Paula reprimanded all of us.

    When Johnny did his Swan program and his one gloved hand was the Swan’s head and he called it Camille; some of us dedicated a thread to her. For several days we had Camille sightings.

    I remember that we had several parties …. like the pool party where Grgranny was dancing up a storm. Piel was found in a closet with some guy….eventually she married him. Also Seanibu and I hosted a virtual bridal shower for Piel. She got some really expensive gifts.

    I also remember the fights….some good ones and some really bad ones. Oh well!!!

    I come here everyday and try to contribute. I love this board and hope it continues to be one of the best skating boards on the web.

    Here’s going for the next 10,000 post.

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    welcome to the club, Dee! *places robe around Dee's shoulders and hands her a key to the 10,000+ post members club*

    ETA - and yeah I changed to Tonichelle when we switched from EZBoard to this board... I got tired of people thinking I was from Hamilton Ontario

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    Congratulations Dee! Wow 1000 posts, that is something. I always enjoy reading your posts and I like your sense of humour.
    I am going out to dinner this evening and I will have an extra martini and toast you in honor of your day.

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    Congratulation Dee!!! I've been watching your post totals climb toward this glorious 10,000 mark for the last few weeks as I've posted in the "games" threads. I started posting at Golden Skate about the same time you did (or shortly thereafter) and my mere 2000+ post count pales in comparison to yours, lol. With all your posts I really can't belive your a "quiet person," LOL. I'll raise my glass your your next 10,000 posts!

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    Congratulations Dee - and thanks for sharing your thoughts and some stories from GS's past.
    I enjoyed reading them and look forward to your next 10,000 posts.

    hard to believe mathman used to be MORE TALKATIVE

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    weeeee dee , happy 10 thousand posts! (where is the party emoticon?)
    Pool party? Tell us more stories from the past, it sounded so nice the stories you wrote!

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