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Thread: Team Khokhlova/ Novitski no longer exists

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallylutz View Post
    I think you are forgetting Piseev is gone.
    Doesn't matter. Look before EVERYONE had to wait their turn, not just Russians. Now its been established that young teams can move up quickly. Why wouldn't the Russians take note. The federation is going to be under a ton of pressure to deliver medals at the home Olympics. If Fedor and Jana show they can't compete with the North Americans, the federation will promote a team that they think can. Sure they'd like to have Marina and Igor work with young Russian teams, but there is also a feeling of distrust towards them too. Currently Marina and Igor are trying to tell the Russian press that they aren't the most expensive ice dancing coaches around, and that the only reason they haven't been coaching Russians is nobody but Elena Illinykh has asked. Igor coached Elena for awhile.

    And the thing its not in Marina or Igor's best interests to tick of the Russian federation and insisting that Fedor/Jana are no 1 even if they aren't good will do that. The economy in North America isn't the best, and skating is getting immensly popular in Russia and more and more young Russians are taking it up again. The government is also supporting it. There's a reason people like Morosov are moving back and the main doesn't strike me as that patriotic.

    I doubt Marina/Igor would like to move back. But if the talent in Russia got deep again, 10 years from now, they might not might having the opportunity to coach Russian teams.
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