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There is a solution, but I get run off the board every time I bring it up. The "newjump" taking the place of both the Lutz and the flip, worth 5.5 points with +1 GOE feature for clear outside edge.

Edited to add: PS. Here is the big advantage of the Newjump. If you want to earn the extra point for a true outside edge, the burden is on the skater to exhibit the correct edge beyond doubt. If it is sloppy or inconclusive, no bonus for you, sister.

The way it is now, the burden is on the tech panel and the judges – did she or didn’t she just barely wobble back onto the correct edge at the moment of take-off? Only slo-motion knows for sure, and sometimes he is in doubt, too.

Take the game out of the hands of the officials and give it back to the skaters, I say!
If this passes into the new rules, I will officially blame you