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But at the end of the day, we're still stuck with only two ladies' spots. Doesn't matter how close they might have been. That's the point. And I don't think any one skater in particular is to blame or should be blamed. The US ladies in general are just mediocre nowadays, a shadow of what they used to be. I await the day when they can regain that glory.

But Zhang 2nd at 2009 Nats?? I couldn't have read that right...
She had 2 clean programs and did 7 triples in the FS compared to Czisny's 3. Anyways I'm not that upset about Worlds this year because I thought both Flatt and Nagasu skated decently. The funny thing is that Flatt and Nagasu's "bad" LPs at Worlds this year got almost identical scores to Czisny's "good" LP at Worlds last year, which should put things into perspective. Czisny has never broken 110 for a LP in her entire career, and Flatt and Nagasu came close to breaking it with very disappointing skates (for them) at Worlds this year, which I think is promising as it suggests the future of US skating is on the rise.