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Thread: The BEST female pair skater of all time

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    The BEST female pair skater of all time

    Who do you think was/is THE BEST lady pair skater of all time?

    My vote goes for Xue Shen. Technically AND artistically unmachable for me.
    Gordeeva and Protapopov are closed 2nd tied.
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    gordeeva for me. not even close. she could ice dance, pair skate, single skate, hop around on the carpet with no skates on-- i will be watching. about the only thing she hasn't gotten me to watch is ice age, only because it makes me weep for even gordeeva-kulik, not to speak of the glory days of gordeeva-grinkov.

    i like s/z and s/s and many other pairs. i can appreciate other skaters, but the more recent pairs do too much of that icky thing-- 'the man must hop into the air, the better to fling the woman across the ice'. too jarring for my aesthetics. don't get me started on those death spirals with the blade grab that look like the lady's leg got amputated
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    Re: The BEST female pair skater of all time

    Yes, Gordeeva or Shen.. Volosozhar is very good as well..

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