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Thread: In any discipline what skate at the Olympics is your all time favorite?

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    In any discipline what skate at the Olympics is your all time favorite?

    I know this will be hard, so maybe pick one for each discipline if you like.

    I'll just pick one from ladies. It would be Baiul's SP from 1994. I had never seen anyone skate like that before. I was truly awed. She was so young, yet skated with great maturity and I was sure she must have been a balerina in a former life. That being said, I think Kerrigan's LP was flawless and I personally would have found it fair to give Nancy the gold.

    It is an SP that for me is etched in my mind. I think it was so good that the judges overlooked her flawed free skate. I recall seeing Jayne Torvill watching her SP and her jaw was dropped. Hard to believe it's close to twenty years ago.
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    for me,
    Yagudin : Iron Mask 2002 Olympics
    Johnny Weir : Swan 2006 Olympics
    Yuna Kim : Concerto in F - Gershwin 2010 Olympics

    Hands down

    They are just MASTERPIECES.
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    Men-Brian Boitano's free skate in 1988
    Dance-Torvill & Dean's Paso Doble OSP 1984
    Pairs-Berezhnyah and Sikuralidze SP (Lady Caliph) 2002
    Ladies-no winner declared

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    Well, given the 2010 Games is most recent, Shen/Zhao, Yu-Na and Evan's wins stand out as the best we've seen in FS yet.

    Mirai's spectacular 4th place LP is a fave of mine, too, and hopefully a sign of things to come.

    In 2006, adored B/A, and was thrilled for Shizuka.

    2002 belongs to Alexei (LOVED MITIM and Winter), and I felt the Ladies' competition was ruined by the judging scandal. Yes, Sarah skated the best that night, and her performance of a lifetime on that stage is huge, but I feel is the scandal hadn't happened, Michelle would've been 2nd in the LP, Gold all around.

    1998, nice that the Ladies' podium had 3 good skaters, with skates that would've been Gold Medal worthy on any given night.

    Going back in history-I'd say The '88 Battle of the Brians' lived up to it's bidding!

    But the biggest OGM winner, IMO, is Yu-Na. Her SP was amazing and when you add in her LP, this was a competition for the ages.

    My favorite and most moving memory from any Olympics is Michelle's "Fields of Gold" exhibition. It was an emotional sum-up of what the Games mean to so many athletes who work very hard for that one, elusive moment. Sometimes the right person wins on the night. But so many act as if it's a coronation of sorts and in that case, the winner in not always ideal.

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    Torvill & Dean!!! and they should have won the following Olys, too. Talk about Skating artistry. They personified Skating Artistry.

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    I'll probably post several times and say something different each time. Gaak, this is hard! But lots of fun to think about, and to see other people's thoughts.

    I can certainly say this is one of the most memorable programs, because look how long I've remembered it--John Curry's long program from 1976. I was new to skating fandom, and when I saw it, I realized that the guy who most deserved to win something could actually have the skate of his life and win. The other one that still gives me chills is Paul Wylie's Henry V long program in 1992. What a monumental achievement! Honorable mention: Kurt Browning's 1994 long program, when he didn't have a chance of winning but gave it his all anyway. Any time Kurt skates, it's memorable.

    Pairs: hmmm. Lots to think about, including Sale and Pelletier's Love Story in 2002, and Shen/Zhao this year. Oh, help and bother! These decisions are way too hard for me.

    Ice: toss-up between Torvill and Dean (and I like the idea of their paso doble as the one to remember, even over their free dance) and this year's breathtaking winning dance from Virtue/Moir. I also have a soft spot for the final three from 1992: Klimova/Ponomarenko, Usova/Zhulin, the Duchesnays. I remember thinking at the time that the three medals could have been awarded in any order, and I'd have felt satisfied. The quality of all three teams was so high that year.

    Women's--I understand Doris P.'s reluctance to name any one performance! I'll be subjective and use this as an opportunity to put Michelle first, with her Rachmaninoff short program from 1998. Oh, throw in Lyra Angelica also. That music was so perfect for her, and she just floated over the ice. Gold? Silver? Who cares! She and Tara each skated with breathtaking effectiveness, and Michelle took my breath away more.

    Of course, this year's phenomenal last flight of women will linger in my mind for a long time, especially the go-for-broke performances of YuNa and Mao.

    Wow, this is a great thread! Can't wait to see everyone else's choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    Oh, help and bother! These decisions are way too hard for me.
    Oh help, I'd better go back. Oh bother, I shall have to go on. I can't do either, oh help AND bother."

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    Men: 2006 Torino, Plushenko´s SP "Tosca" / Plushenko´s FS "Godfather"
    I really, really tried to choose either one, but I simply couldn´t.
    I still remember vividly when I watched the Olympics and I couldn´t hardly breathe during neither of these programs.

    Ladies: 2006 Torino, Slutskaya´s SP "Totentanz"
    This was just something, and comes first into my mind of all women´s programs at the Olympics ever.

    * As for the Vancouver Olympics 2010, there was one moment that I´ll never forget: Plushenko´s "Je suis Malade" at the Exhibition.
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    If I had to choose one favorite i'll go with Tara's 1998 Freeskate. Technical perfection and much better use of the music than she gets credit for. She also beat a perfect Michelle wheras yu-na didn't have a perfect Mao to worry about.

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    Men's: Weir's 2006 LP even with the elements left out == he looks like he is meant to be on the ice, that ice is his "element" rather than the ground! But equal tie is Boitano's winning long program -- WOW! and under such pressure!

    Ladies: Sarah's LP stands out!

    Pairs: Mishkutenok/Dmitriev (sp?) Liebestraum now a fave, not so much then. But then I fell in love with Rachy 1994 (in 1994). Should've been a gold medal winner in my opinion! And then went back and fell for Liebestraum and pretty much everything Artur and Natalia did.

    Dance: Bolero of course [s]!
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    well it is a bank holiday here today...

    Even with falls and all

    Michelle 2002 sp
    Irina 2002 & 2006 sp
    Michelles and Irina Ex 2002
    Sasha Carmen 2002 and Sp & Lp 2006
    Takeshi Honda Arranguez Lp 2002
    Abt 2002 sp
    Plushy Carmen 2002 and Tosca 2006 and Ex 06-10
    Yagudin Winter and MITIM 2002
    Lambiel 2006 Vivaldi
    Weir 2006 sp and Ex
    Buttle 2006 sp
    Ina Zimmerman 2002 Lp
    Elena Anton 2002 Sp and Lp
    Anissina Peozerat 2002 free dance
    Bourne Kratz Michael Jackson 2002
    Shen Zhao 2002 Lp and 2010 sp
    Pang & Tong 2006 Phantom and 2010 Lp
    S/S 2010 sp
    Takahashi 2010 sp
    Yuna 2010 Sp
    Mao 2010 sp
    Joannie 2010 Sp
    Mirai 2010 Lp
    My mind has stopped for 2010 now, I m sure I forget some!

    Oh ...did i have to pick one? :o
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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorita View Post

    Oh ...did i have to pick one? :o
    Haha, not easy ... I'll give it a try:

    Men: Yagudin, Winter, Salt Lake City 2002. Dramatic, powerful … the whole package. (If only I could have put Abbott here, but )

    Ladies: Lu Chen, Butterfly lovers, Nagano 1998. Every part of her body is IN this program … and she is SO emotional (happy, relieved tears!)

    Pairs: Pang/Tong, Impossible dream, Vancouver 20110. Their technique, music, costumes, performance … they were just wonderful together

    Dance: Davis/White, their OD to Indian folk music, Vancouver 2010. Very funny, cool and innovative. Excellent body moves with their heads, arms, hands …

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