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Well, no one asked this question but Yagudin would still win gold with his Salt Lake performances under CoP or any system because he had everything it takes. Plus points for handsome and very masculine! He's so much more a complete skater than the three from Vancouver. In Salt Lake Evan would have won pewter. Oh, forgot he actually was in fact fourth!

I have forgiven the Plush One for his outbursts. He's so gutsy and he used to be much better. Sigh. Still, one has to admire the effort and the resolve. 3 medals in three Olympics won't likely occur again.
Evan had a miserable SP in his first Olympics and then skated the best he could in the LP to pull up to fourth. Are we supposed to shoot him for that?

So what if he didn't beat Plushenko at his first Olympics? You love Sarah so much, well how long did it take her to beat Michelle at an international competition? Are we supposed to sneer at Sarah because she was third at 2001 Worlds behind Michelle and third at 2002 Nationals behind Michelle? What does that prove?

Maybe it takes away from Evan's gold medal that Plushenko and Takahashi were not at their best that night. And maybe it takes away from Sarah's Olympic gold medal that Michelle and Irina were not at THEIR best.

Or maybe not. Maybe Evan and Sarah are both talented skaters who held it together when it counted most and other didn't. Neither of them were my favorite skaters in either Olympics. But both gave the best LP of the night and good for them.