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Thread: What country can lay claim to best male singles dynasty?

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    What country can lay claim to best male singles dynasty?

    I was wondering why Canada does not have a tradition of golden ladies given the many great skaters in all 4 fields? This is especially contrasted with their success and the quality of the men. I don't think mens skating in any other country gets as good as Canada, but I may be wrong.

    There are many great Canadian men, but these are the ones I know of and am so impressed with.

    I'll just mention the names that come first to mind: Toller Cranston, Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko, Jeffrey Buttle and now Patrick Chan. I'm not Canadian so if there are wonderful others on youtube, please name some. These men, despite medals won have given so many incredible skates. Buttle left way too soon for me but he was so good I feel he's in with the rest. I enjoyed each for different reasons and if I had to pick the best male ever with longevity I guess it would be Kurt Browning. But then there was the great Yagudin but he did not have the longevity/pro career and his injuries cut his skating life short. Hmm The Russians have those golds. I may be all wrong here.

    Well anyway, our own version of Ice Wars In mens I'd give Canada the gold.

    Maybe others feel the USA is the powerhouse in mrns, others Russia/former Soviet Union.
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