One of my favorite cartoons - the Jetsons - lost one of its stars - Penny Singleton - the voice of Jane. She also played "Blondie" in the series.

Favorite '60s TV Cartoon Voice Dies

The woman who was the voice of Jane Jetson in the 1960s cartoon "The Jetsons" has died at age 95. Penny Singleton, who also played Blondie in more than two dozen films from 1938 to 1950, died last Wednesday in Los Angeles two weeks after suffering a stroke, reports The Associated Press.

The 28 Blondie films were based on the popular cartoon strip and included "Blondie Meets the Boss," "Blondie Plays Cupid," and "Blondie Knows Best." In her 1973 book, "Saturday Afternoon at the Bijou," Singleton said she was proud and grateful to play Blondie. "She was dumb and shrewish sometimes," Singleton wrote. "But she was real and sympathetic and warm, a real woman, a human being. And that's how I tried to play her." No one else ever played the role besides Singleton.

A decade after the Blondie films ended, Singleton became the voice of Jane Jetson in the popular, futuristic cartoon "The Jetsons." It ran in primetime for one year (1962-63) and was then widely seen in reruns after that. Hanna-Barbera created it as a 21st-century foil to the Stone Age setting of "The Flintstones." Cars that fly and robots that clean were some of the more intriguing notions of life in the future.