Maybe this is old topic debated many times here, don't know but it's OS and I have never asked about it.

I thought at the time of the comp. S/P were robbed as they skated the clean, very impactful "Love Story" and I loved their connection. They were, then, a very wonderful and refreshing pair who somehow got good scores even though they were not Russian. I found that amazing as they competed during those years. As we know, this was the comp. that changed everything and brought CoP into existence, so it was big for FS.

I recently watched these Oly skates again and most of B/S's programs. They did not connect like G/G who seem to be everyone's favorite pair but technically they were better. I also think differently now about the skating results. Given the circumstances, I guessed the dual gold was fair at the time.

But I think I was not really admitting how great this B/S pair was. I think they were the best Russian team ever though I'd watch any G/G progam first just to watch Katia look at Sergei.

I really have not liked a pair as much as them with one exception, and that was Shen/Zhao for all their heart and those throws the size of a "small dwelling." (Scott H's comment usually)

The current World Champions don't grab me. I don't really like any teams that much out there.

I wonder how other North Americans remember these two teams and were others as swept along as I was by the commentary and the anger over years of bloc voting? I certainly have seen no Russian pair since that was even in their league regardless of results.

But when I rewatch those skates, I really think in hindsight that even with Anton's bobble on the jump, they deserved the gold. It worked out great for the foursome, but the whole two golds thing seemed to turn it into a joke and travesty for many casual viewers. My non skating fan friends all remember this as proof FS results are usually rigged. Only the "whack" gets more indignation from casual fans and maybe all fans, I suspect.

Elena's seriousness put me off at times, or was it fear. Her fragility/delicateness made me fear for her given her history so maybe I was nervous/ill at ease watching. Then came the very confident, great looking S/P. I am trying to remember how I reacted to these teams as they competed. I loved the ease and distictly NA style of S/P. There was an honest/straightforwardness to them I found appealing.

Have other NA fans changed their mind about who was golden in hindsight? (I know the Russian fans felt cheated at the time).