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Athletic? Indeed! She was the most athletic skater of her time. In fact, she did so many triples in a program, that the Committee instituted the rule forbidding repeats of triples in a program. You may have heard of it...the Zayak Rule?

Look her up. You'll enjoy what you see, especially the 84 Worlds, where she redeemed herself dramatically with a fiery long program to win a bronze, if I recall correctly. The kid was dynamite on blades.
Actually, I liked her 1980 and 1981 LP's just as well.

Her 1980 LP ( I think she is 14 here?) I love the 3 spread eagles with the 2A in the middle, not to mention the 2a3t and 2lz3t combos.


Her 1981 LP from Nationals

And here's oneof the reasons she had problems with some figures: