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I had always been interested in watching FS but the 1st program that hooked me was Michelle's 1994 East of Eden performance at Worlds. ((And IIRC, Kurt called her "kinda sexy"!!!))

The 1st program that made me a hard core Michelle Fanatic was definitely Salome, starting at SA that season.
Aw, that is the sweetest!! I wish I had seen that program in 1994. It would have hooked me, too. You can already see the pure joy emanating from that girl ... but I wonder how many people could have predicted the transformation that would come two years later with Salome? How amazing is to think that Michelle Kwan ever got a 4.9 for artistic impression. I wonder if that Finish judge remember giving that to 13-year-old Michelle?

So did Michelle's top 10 placement that year help the U.S. get three spots back for the next year?