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Thread: The ISU Congress is now over; New Communications are appearing.

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    A summay of the changes that passed is now up at the ISU website.

    The qualification rounds are back (sort of ) for major championships. Now there will be a qualification event days before Euros/Worlds where the lowered ranked skaters will fight for a spot in the actual championship.
    the number of skaters making it to the FP/FD has been reduced once again. :Cry:
    CD are officialy history.
    Spirals are no longer a required element for Ladies SP and only 1 step sequence for the Men's SP.
    The random drawing of the judges scores is gone!! YAY!!!!

    It's very interesting that the federations put their foot down and didn't approve the proposed Junior's Age restrictions to acces major events but they didn't mind the number of entries for these events being cut.
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