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Thread: The ISU Congress is now over; New Communications are appearing.

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    A summay of the changes that passed is now up at the ISU website.

    The qualification rounds are back (sort of ) for major championships. Now there will be a qualification event days before Euros/Worlds where the lowered ranked skaters will fight for a spot in the actual championship.
    the number of skaters making it to the FP/FD has been reduced once again. :Cry:
    CD are officialy history.
    Spirals are no longer a required element for Ladies SP and only 1 step sequence for the Men's SP.
    The random drawing of the judges scores is gone!! YAY!!!!

    It's very interesting that the federations put their foot down and didn't approve the proposed Junior's Age restrictions to acces major events but they didn't mind the number of entries for these events being cut.
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    Sigh. No CDs for seniors I can handle, even understand if I twist my mind (doesn't really make sense, but whatever). No CD's for juniors makes about as much sense as selling sand to desert nomads.

    Changing the number making the FP/FD makes no sense. Bravo!

    Not changing the age restriction does make sense. It's logical to have overlap between juniors and seniors, and recognizing the difficulties in finding pairs that match (and are close enough in age not to have to sit out of competitions with a new change) suggests that keeping it the way it is is smart. So it's weird that they did it.

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    I am surprised nobody posted yet that today Canada was awarded the 2013 worlds which will be held in London, On:

    With this I am fully convinced that the Virtue / Moir fans can celebrate, because London is Tessa's hometown, and I am now certain they will stay in for the full next Olympic cycle.

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    Yep. Part one of my fantasy, complete.

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    Re: The ISU Congress now in procedure

    Communication 1621 Ice Dance is out,
    and I've had a chance to skim its 19 pages.

    Here's the music limitations on the FD:

    c) The music for Free Dance must be suitable for Ice Dance as a sport discipline and must have the following
    i) The music must have an audible rhythmic beat and melody, or audible rhythmic beat alone, but not
    melody alone, and may be vocal. The music may be without an audible rhythmic beat for up to 10
    seconds at the beginning or end of the program and up to 10 seconds during the program.
    ii) The music must have at least one change of tempo and/or expression. This change may be gradual or
    immediate, but in either case it must be obvious.
    iii) All music including classical music must be cut/edited, orchestrated or arranged in a way that it creates
    an interesting, colourful, entertaining dance program with different moods or a building effect.
    iv) The music must be suitable for the couple's skating skills and technical ability.
    Free Dances that do not adhere to these guidelines will be severely penalized.
    One thing that is comforting is the way the music deduction is to be enforced:

    5. Rule 353 paragraph 1. n) ii) - Deductions for music, costume and props violations
    - Violation of music restrictions (Free Dance) – 2.0;
    - costume and prop violation – 1.0;
    The Judges and Referee will press a button on their screen to apply the above mentioned deductions. It will be
    decided by the majority of the Panel which includes all the Judges and the Referee and no deduction in case of a
    50:50 split vote);
    - part of the costume/decoration fall on the ice – 1.0. The Referee alone is responsible for this deduction.
    That is, the over half the judges must find your music not "uplifting" or is not a foxtrot, if your paperwork claimed it is a foxtrot in the new short dance, for you to get a deduction.

    Jumps (or throw jumps) of more than one (1) revolution or jumps of one (1) revolution skated at the same
    time by both partners;
    in the Short Dance.

    Both D&W and V&M have used items that could look like throw jumps-the jump prohibitions are now expliciting extended to them.

    Those that worry that the CD has been removed for juniors should note that 2 repetitions of the Viennese Waltz are required during the SD, so that the ability to repeat the pattern is being tested.

    i) Required Elements:
    The composition of the Short Dance in the season 2010/2011 will contain 5 Required Elements in total:
    – 2 Required Elements in the Pattern Dance part:
    Junior - 2 sequence of the Viennese Waltz performed one after the other will be considered as two Required
    Elements (see paragraph 2 below);
    Senior -1 sequence of the Golden Waltz is divided into 2 sections and each of these sections is considered as
    one of the two Required Elements (see paragraph 2 below);
    As a viewer who has not seen the program before, it may be hard at first to pick out when the CD section starts since the skaters are encouraged not to put the CD at the beginning of the program.

    Note: Because the dance should be choreographed as an integrated program, and not 2 separate parts, the Pattern Dance part
    can be placed anywhere in the program: the beginning, the middle, or the end. A dance that begins with the Pattern Dance
    part, and then simply changes to the Creative part, will be considered choreographically inferior to a program which
    integrates the 2 parts together in a seamless way.

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    Re: The ISU Congress now in procedure

    ^^Thanks Doris!

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