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Thread: 2010-11 JGP Assignments speculation & discussion

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    2010-11 JGP Assignments speculation & discussion

    These 2 posts were originally in the Senior Grand Prix Assignments thread and so I thought I'd start a new thread, kicking off with the ladies:
    Quote Originally Posted by GiuliaPlum View Post
    What about the JGP assignments?
    Quote Originally Posted by silverlake22 View Post
    It hasn't been announced yet. I'm a little concerned about the JGP this year though, it's going to be very hard to make the final, with both Polina's, Anna, Sofya, maybe Roza (who has improved a lot this season) or Kristina Zaseeva, Gao, Baga on on the JGP for the second time, not to mention Liza and Adelina who will be making their JGP debuts but can put up massive scores and Kim Hae-Jin from Korea. I'm worried about the chances of skaters like Kiri or Anna or Sofya or Christina to even make the final, Kiri where she's inconsistent and doesn't have that much technical content in her programs, Anna where she has the tendency to struggle in the LP, Sofya where she is inconsistent, and Christina because of her PCS and recent struggles with her 3t-3t (i'm still hoping she upgrades it to 3f-3t next season, which will give her an advantage).
    2010-11 JGP dates & locations:
    JGP #1: August 25-28 - Courchevel, France
    JGP #2: September 8-12 - Brasov, Romania
    JGP #3: September 15-19 - Graz, Austria (includes pairs)
    JGP #4: September 22-26 - Karuizawa, Japan
    JGP #5: September 29-October 3 - Sheffield, Great Britain (includes pairs)
    JGP #6: October 6-10 - Dresden, Germany (includes pairs)
    JGP #7: October 13-17 - Ostrava, Czech Republic (includes pairs)
    JGP & SGP FINAL: December 9-12 - Beijing, China

    The top JGP ladies (medalists last year) returning, ranked by Season Best score this past season:
    21 Polina Shelepen RUS - 2 gold, JGPF2, JW4
    28 Polina Agafonova RUS - 1 bronze, JW3
    32 Christina Gao USA - 2 bronze, JGPF3, JW8
    37 Anna Ovcharova RUS - 1 silver, JGPF5, JW5
    38 Kate Charbonneau CAN - 1 silver, JW6
    40 Kiri Baga USA JGPF/JW7 - 2 gold, JGPF7, JW7
    43 Yuki Nishino JPN - 1 silver
    47 Sofia Biryukova RUS - 1 silver
    59 Isabelle Olsson SWE - 1 bronze
    Not yet sure about:
    46 Angela Maxwell USA - 2 silver, JGPF6
    55 Ellie Kawamura USA - 1 bronze, JGPF8

    Here's a list of some of the ladies expected to make their JGP debut this season:
    Adelina Sotnikova RUS
    Elizaveta Tuktamysheva RUS
    Kristina Zaseeva RUS (possibly)
    Hae-Jin Kim KOR

    USA possibilities (no previous JGP experience):
    Samantha Cesario (S14 at Nationals), Yasmin Siraj (J2), Lindsay Davis (J3), Nina Jiang (J5); other candidates include Felicia Zhang (J6; she is in contention for a Senior GP assignment in pairs with Taylor Toth), Angela Wang (J7), Vanessa Lam (J8), Ashley Cain (N2; as the Novice pairs champ with Joshua Reagan, she is in line to receive a JGP assignment in pairs), Katarina Kulgeyko (N3), Gracie Gold (N4).

    Who are the likely ladies from Japan? Tossing out some names from their Nationals (Senior & Junior):
    Yukiko Fujisawa (J3; has previous JGP experience), Ayumi Goto (S8), Karen Kemanai (J6/S11), Ayane Nakamura (S12; has previous JGP experience), Shion Kokubun (S14), Kana Muramoto (S17; JGP bronze in fall 2008), Kako Tomataki (J5/S18), Rina Kondo (J8), Miyabi Ohba (J9), Risa Shoji (J10), Roannasari Oshikawa (J11)...
    (I've been informed that Satoko Miyahara (J4) and Riona Kato (J7) are too young.)
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