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Thread: Rank and Rate the top 5 Men's Long Programs of the 1994 Olympics.

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    I think that the international judges never prefered Stojko, if they had even the remotest possibility to choose somebody else, LOL. I can well understand that, Stojko´s person just did not look good on the ice, his body type was really awful looking and he had almost no presentation talent. Urmanov had an elegant look on the ice, a wonderfully straight back, great speed (Stojko is very slow compared to Urmanov) and definetely more artistry than Stojko. No wonder that in 1994 Urmanov won 6-1 against Stojko. Even the Canadian judge chose Urmanov. Only the French judge chose Stojko...

    Urmanov had awful spins, but in those days they did not count, as far as I have understood. That is the reason why older Russian male skaters (e.g. Plushenko) still have spins that do not compare so well to other skaters.

    The freeskate result, in my opinion:

    1. Urmanov
    2. Candeloro
    3. Petrenko
    4. Browning
    5. Stojko (technically difficult, but everything else lacking

    Unfortunately Petrenko had problems in the sp, which surely were caused because of the Esthonian skater who competed before Petrenko. That young Esthonian skater had to stop as all the screws dropped from his skates and he had to gather them from the ice. I have always believed that it was sabotage to prevent Petrenko from winning his second title.
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