I don't see why it doesn't seem to bother a lot of people that for 10 years winners of worlds and Olympics did quads and now that element is no longer done by winners. The issue is that what I thouught was a technical advancement in jumping is vanishing. Now that has never happened before in the sport. The issue of having to do backload programs and do level 4 spins and steps is now making the quad vanish. I would much rather see a quad done than a level 4 step sequence. Now lots of people would rather see a level 4 step sequence with tons of GOE rather than a quad jump. It seems that they are now running the sport and who knows how much they will push jumps down to get the spins and steps they want to see.

I want to see a skater do a quad triple and then do a level 4 spins and step sequence with great GOE. Right now there seems to be a correlation between no quad skaters doing level 4 spins and steps and quad skaters doing under level 4 spins and steps for the most part.

I brought up Takashi's underroated quad flip because it is a quad he could attempt but failing to do it would not harm is score as much if he URed it like with a quad toe or salchow. For himself he could say he tried a quad but if he knew he couldn't land it he still did a jump that many do as a stand alone triple.