The incredible Pang & Tong have been robbed many times in their careers. Which events do you believe they were robbed of a higher placing in. Here are some I think:

2003 Worlds- They should have moved up to the bronze over Petrova & Tikhonov's horrible skate. The crowd was so upset by Petrova & Tikhonov's marks something was thrown on ice after their scores.

2005 Worlds- They deserved the bronze here. They had some mistakes but so did the Zhangs and their presentation was so much better than the Zhangs at this point.

2005 Trophee de France- Totmianina & Marinin were very subpar here. Pang & Tong lost the gold because an element was discounted which wasnt right.

2006 Olympics- This was a horrible result. They clearly outskated both the Zhangs and Shen & Zhou and deserved the silver medal. The Zhangs should have been lucky to take 4th over Petrova & Tikhonov here but were given "sympathy" marks for their bravery rather than judging the errors and actual quality of the skate itself.

2007-2008 season: Pretty much every event they were in this year they were underscored compared to the Germans and the Zhangs, especialy the Zhangs. Politcally they were dumped to help promote the overscored Zhangs.

2008 Worlds: Their skating was wonderful inspite of the mistakes. They deserved a medal of some kind.

2009 Worlds: Again when you look at the quality of the silver and bronze performances they could have been placed higher despite not skating their best.