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We shouldn't be careful at all. We should be as critical as possible. If you want to work in show biz, you better get used to it. And if you're real competitor, you'll listen to good advice and also prove naysayers wrong.

The only things that perhaps should be edited out are posts that are totally slanderous and based on falsehood, or aspects of the skater's private life that the skater has chosen not to reveal to the media and are unrelated to his/her career as a skater.

For example, I would say that e.g., if a skater gets failing grades in school, if a skater has had plastic surgery, if a skater has not so reputable family background, then these are issues that can be edited out from goldenskate.

However, if it's to do with the skaters' selection of music, costume, behavior on the ice, coaching situation, interviews s/he has given, so forth, then posters should be allowed to state their opinions.