Here's my attempt at starting a thread on this topic based on the following posts from the McLaughlin/Brubaker Split thread:
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Technically, that is what happened at these Olympics. The problem is that the [U.S.] team in all 4 disciplines exactly matched National results, so we don’t know if anything else was considered.

I think that a more inclusive system could work, but only if was an exact formula that took into account scores and placements from ISU events. It should not be left up to the USFSA to interpret results as they see fit.
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um, why shouldn't it be up to the team to choose who's on the team? that's how it's done. would you rather the ISU pick who goes and who stays?
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A couple of things. First, I did not write "must be", nor "should be"; I wrote "could work". There is a subtile difference. Secondly, the ISU cannot pick our international teams, but their result can be used. If ( and only if ) ISU results are used, USFSA officials should state ahead of time what formula is used. If they want to add the base 10 logarithm of the Grand Prix Final score to the hyperbolic tangent of the placement; then add that to the Nationals score, that's fine. But the formula should be stated ahead of time. That way there's no argument.

And if they want to keep things the way they are, then that's fine too.
Have at it!