absolute proof of shaving points, no
but see sasha score in long program,
what was her final score with the botches of jumps (which claim didn't see) versus zhang (which saw all and /or alissa, mirai's)
not shaved points but not garner high goe's points either.
rachel benefit of doubt, ashley benefit of doubt.
All you need to do is take a look at the (goe's) plus and minuses on their jumps and sequence, spins and see who got plus for their mistakes and who go zero or nothing for their mistakes.
not total proof -no- but not total truth from judges and federations, isu either.
if people can see mistakes and /or lack of rotation, and or wrong edge, and or lack of flow on jumps, wobbly landings, and i mean every single person who saw mistakes.
i believe the forum when everyone said such and such made a mistake, because they did.
what i didn't believe was when they stated well for example zhang made one and NOT rachel, ashley, sasha, joannie, mao, yu-na made one either.

they are human they make mistakes.

yes-you job as fan is to point out other skaters mistakes, but at the same time if you point out their skater -be prepared to take that your skater made mistakes as well.
where the USFSA goes wrong is nationals -they only point out the skaters mistakes by lack of positivies on their goe's scores (catching all their mistakes, NO BENEFIT OF DOUBT, either zeors or minuses in their goes). to me that is shaving and cheating when it it totally noticeably that their usfsa favorite skaters, like ashly, rachel ,sasha, makes mistakes and get postitive goe's for their mistakes.