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Nina didn't just gain height, she filled out into a more feminine body shape, too. She can pass for the same age as Caroline Zhang (just turned 17)! I'm Asian and I finished growing at 13 (I was 5'2 then, I'm 5'3 now; and I weigh the same). It might be good to get all the growth spurt out of the way early, then she can concentrate on improving her skating with her grown-up body. She's so young, it should be easier for her to adjust to her new body and keep improving than it would be for, say, Caroline, at 16/17. I still have high hopes for her.

If she can get used to her new body relatively quickly, like Anna Ocharova last year (she was also 13, totaled <120 at her first JGP, then did very well by the end of the season, even winning JW SP), then she could still do well this year.
That's a good point. There are pictures of Nina and Mirai at nationals and they are very much the same size. Also, Anna Ovcharova is sort of the same way, she is also very young but even last season at 13 even though she was thin she had some curves and was more muscular and feminine looking than her teammates like Shelepen, Agafonova, Liza who are still all built like little boys. And she did improve a lot last season and judging from the looks of Anna now, she may be pretty much done with her growing. Nina may be the same way and if she doesn't change much physically from this point on, she may be able to have more steady progress than some other girls and be able to reestablish herself at the top. I mean, Christina Gao was 13th at regionals when she was Nina's age, I think Nina still has plenty of time.