I attended the senior men's short program. In addition to agreeing with the glowing reviews of Patrick, Armin, and Keegan noted above, I would like to add some other highlights for men who did not place as high.

One skater named Sean (I missed his last name) did a wonderfully entertaining short to a Michael Jackson medley. He incorporated some iconic Michaal Jackson dance moves thoughout the program, and his moves from "Thriller" that he included in his footwork were fantastic. The audience was enthusiastically clapping along.

Wesley Campbell had a few stumbles, but his whole program was choreographed wondefully, and his footwork sequence was particularly interesting and exciting.

Scott Dyer had some falls as well, but has beautiful basics, and had an absolutely wonderful final spin with crisp positions and very, very fast rotation. I wanted that spin to go on forever, and for a while it seemed like it would! Superb.