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    Magazines For Sale

    Magazines For Sale
    I have some magazines that I would like to get rid of...prices are for the magazine only, shipping cost depends on where you live.

    Skating (USFSA) Magazine $2 (USD) each.

    June 1995 (Nicole Bobek on cover)- inc. '95 World's
    June 1996 (Michelle Kwan on cover)- inc. '96 World's
    May 2001 (Kwan, Hughes & Eldredge on cover)- inc. '01 World's & Jr World's
    June/ July 2001 (Haydenette's on cover)- inc. World Synchro Comp., Laura Handy: Bouncing Back, Johhny Weir profile
    August/ Sept. 2001 (Scott & Dulebohn on cover)- inc. US Jr Champions, Jessica Joseph profile

    Spotlight On Skating Magazine $4 USD

    March 2001 (Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze on cover)- inc. B&S profile, Jr GP Final, GP Series coverage, National Championship coverage for Germany, Russia and Canada, Emanuel Sandhu profile.

    International Figure Skating Magazine $3 USD or all 5 for $12

    Dec. 2000 (Hamilton, Yamaguchi & Sumners on cover)- inc. Scott Hamilton profile, Katarina Witt show, Kristi's wedding, & Todd Eldredge
    Aug. 2000 (Michelle Kwan on cover)- inc. Michelle Kwan, Kurt Browning, Midori Ito & 25 Most Influential Names.
    Feb. 2001 (Maria Butryskaya on cover)- inc. Tara Lipinski, Maria, Ina & Zimmerman profiled
    June 2001 (Nancy Kerrigan on cover)- inc. Kerrigan, US & Canada Nationals, 4 Continent's, 25 Most Influential People
    June 2003 (Katarina Witt on cover)- inc. Kat Witt, US Nationals, Todd Eldredge, Sarah Hughes, World Skating Federation

    Blades On Ice $3 USD (unless otherwise noted)

    Dec. 1999 (Naomi Nari Nam on cover)- inc. Skaters of The New Millenium, Hughes, Silverstein/ Pekarek, Nari Nam, Shen/ Zhao, Petrova/ Tikhonov, Goebel & Winkler/ Lohse
    Oct. 1999 (Torvill & Dean on cover)- inc. Skaters of the Century special edition magazine profiles skaters from 1900 to 1999 with special profile on Torvill & Dean $4 USD
    Aug. 2000 (Dorthy Hamill on cover)- inc. Feature on Hamill, Witt, Frank Carroll, Yagudin/ Plushenko Rivalry, Champions On Ice Summer Tour ($4 USD)
    Dec. 2000 (Ilia Kulik on cover)- inc. Kulik, Oksana Baiul, Nicole Bobek, Krylova & Ovsiannikov and season preview.
    Feb. 2001 (Todd Eldredge on cover)- inc. Eldredge, Weiss, Lu Chen, coverage of GP Series

    I also have
    Nov/ Dec. 2000 Go Figure (a newspaper like mag about skating) $1
    Nov. 2000 Blade Runners (Black & White Mag.) $1

    If you are interested in any of the above let me know via


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    Are any of these magazines still available? Annette

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    Several of these magazines are still available.

    Please email me at

    Take Care!!

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