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Fujisawa is definitely a better SKATER than Agafonova. Of course she hasn't got Polina's jump difficulty. But we'll see.
This field is crazy! I'm rooting for personal favs Fujisawa and Zijun Li to do well! But I predict that Sotnikova and Gao will get gold/silver.
I don't know if I can even pick a personal favorite or two!

I would love for Zijun Li to do well -- there hasn't been a great ladies single skater from China since Lulu, and it'll be something if Zijun can lead the way to a revival.

I also want both Fujisawa and Goto to do well. They are both such lovely and beautiful skaters in their own way. I am really in awe of the Japanese skaters. They all seem like such hard workers and nice people, and there are *so* many of them that are really good -- I just want all of them to do well internationally and get the recognition that they deserve.

Agafonova is the cutest sweetie pie, I really want to see her continue to shine after last year's JW. I also eagerly anticipate Sotnikova's int'l debut, I hope she finds back her jumps and confidence from a couple of years ago. These two are my favorite of the baby Russians.

I hope to see Christina to continue to improve. Her jumps are phenomenal, such good technique! I hope she continues to make leaps and bounds with her presentation and musicality.

With so many to root for, some are bound to do well and others bound to fall short. Well, I guess it'd be best if everyone skates up to their best abilities (unlike JGP #2!), and then just let the chips falls they may. Then at least they can all feel proud of themselves, and go home knowing what they need to work on.