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Apparently skatingforums is shutting down in the next day or two. I had just posted some information there which summarized results from Canadian summer competitions, so I'll repost it here. (Since I am the original author of the posts, I assume I can do that, especially since the other forum will be inaccessible shortly).

In these posts I've listed the top ten junior skaters so far this season, comparing only by total scores at their best competition to date. Proviso: I realize that scores cannot be compared directly from competition to competition, because judges at different competitions may vary in how generous they are in their GOE or PCS marks. Nevertheless, I find this interesting, and some other people may also find this to be of interest.

Junior Men top 10 (out of 36 skaters listed)

1. Andrei Rogozine Best 180.21 (JGP France, JGP Japan)
Thornhill Summer Skate (senior) short 62.40; long 117.81

2. Samuel Morais Best 168.90 (JGP Austria, alternate to JGP Romania)
Quebec Summer Senior short 60.45; long 108.45

3. Liam Firus BC Best 162.18 (JGP Romania, alternate to JGP Japan)
BC Summer Skate (senior) short 50.83; (55.26 at Wild Rose) long 111.35

4. Shaquille Davis Best 149.02 (JGP Japan, Alternate for Austria and Romania)
Quebec Summer Senior short 56.51; long 92.51 (95.37 at Thornhill)

5. Charles Dion Best 139.35
Quebec Summer Senior short 47.24; long 92.11

6. Nam Nguyen Best 138.28 Not eligible for the JGP.
BC Summer Skate short program 42.62; free skate 95.66

7. Patrick Myzyk Best 137.90 Not sure if he is eligible anymore for JGP
Minto (senior) short 45.16 (48.96 at Thornhill); long 92.74

8. Samuel Angers Best 130.82
Quebec Summer short 45.24; long 85.58

9. Raphael Yacobi-Harris Best 130.57
Thornhill Summer Skate (senior) short 43.57; long 87.00

10. Michael Marinaro Best 127.00 Skating pairs on the JGP
Skate Detroit short 36.37; long 90.63

Junior women top 10 (out of 137! that I have listed)

1. Kate Charbonneau Best 135.11 (JGP Austria)
Skate Detroit (senior) short 50.86; long 82.70; total 133.56.
(Total score 135.11 at Minnesota State Championships, no breakdown by short and long program yet)

2. Rika Inoda Best 120.67
BC Summer Skate short 41.20; long 79.47

3. Alexandra Najarro Best 119.93 (JGP Romania, alternate for Austria)
Thornhill Summer Skate (senior) short 38.33; long 81.60; total 119.93

4. Kaetlyn Osmond Best 116.16 (alternate for JGP Japan)
BC Summer Skate short 41.98; long 74.18

5. Vanessa Grenier Best 115.79 (JGP France, alternate Romania, JGP Japan)
Quebec Summer (senior) short 37.94; long 77.85
JGP France short 37.09,

6. Jane Gray Best 114.93
Glencoe Club April competition short 39.32; long 75.61
Did not skate at Wild Rose or BC Summer Skate, although she was registered originally.

7. Eri Nishimura Best 107.98 (JGP Japan)
Thornhill Summer Skate short 34.41; long 73.57

8. Julianna Sagaria Best 107.32
Quebec Summer short 40.77; long 66.55

9. Morgan Jmaiff Best 106.82
BC Summer Skate short 38.83; long 67.99

10. Kimberly Moon-Chong Best 105.57
Thornhill Summer Skate short 37.32; long 68.25; Final long 66.05.