Tomas was again the class of the field. Very solid program, with still some room for improvements. Michael Jackson theme, and he does it quite well. I liked his short much better, and think his Michael Jackson needs more artistic improvement to look more like the real thing. He was first. Of course. Don't remember the points, but it was high. In second was Elladj. Very interesting program. Well presented, crowd pleasing. Different music than the rest, so it stood out. It seemed a little wild, but has definite potential. In 3rd was Joey. I really like his skating. He is a "whole" skater - great choreography and linking steps along with his jumps. He had some issues with his jumps today, which landed him in 3rd, but no one was perfect today. But really enjoyed his program. In 4th was Andre, and he started very strong, but seemed to run out of gas a little by the end of the program. I'm thinking maybe that was because he has been skating Junior so far this season internationally. Good solid program. With everyone else in the running at Nationals, I think he will not finish top 5 this year, but he is definitely one of Canada's bright lights.